Your Family Is Growing

Move forward with the help of a mediation attorney in Columbia, SC

Let us take the next step along your family's journey with you. At the Law Office of Catherine T Johnson, LLC, we handle a range of family law services. Contact our office today in Columbia, SC to set up a consultation with a mediation attorney.

family law attorney

Hire an attorney to represent your child's best interests

The Law Office of Catherine T Johnson, LLC offers a variety of family law services in Columbia, South Carolina. A child support attorney's goal is to create child support agreements and custody arrangements that support the child's physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A family law attorney can also help you...

  • Gain legal custody: Learn how you can become your child's legal parent or sole caretaker.
  • Create a guardianship: See why it's vital to be the legal guardian of any child in your care.
  • Establish paternity: Make your paternity a matter of court record.

You can also trust us to provide legal guidance when creating prenuptial agreements and negotiating for alimony.

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